24 órás villámakció! Ajándék Philodendron splendid (1 leveles, saját szaporítás, 8-9cm-es cserépben, megindult hajtással) 30 ezer forint felett. Érvényes: 03.30. 08:00-ig.

Personal story

It all started with a sail flower . Last September, I wanted to throw up the living room a bit, change the decor. I didn't really dare think in plants, because even the fortune bamboo didn't survive before me ... Anyway, I bought a sail flower. :-) Then 3-4 houseplants came in October, by November I already felt that something unstoppable had started ... By then I was constantly reading about houseplants, watching Youtube videos; I knew the Latin, English, Hungarian name and origin of every plant that became a wish list for me, what it likes and so on ... :-) I think this feeling is familiar to you as well. By November, visiting my gardening and plant shops became one of my favorite activities. In direct proportion to the collection, the addiction grew more and more ... Then winter came and I said to myself that it is good, now I can't buy any more plants until spring, I have to try to keep the existing ones alive. :-) Do you think this was done ?! There was almost no week I wouldn’t have bought a new plant. The apartment is to the west, but there was a period in the winter that the sun didn't even shine for me for 1 hour. So I was pretty excited for them. :-) Then finally in February the days became noticeably longer, the number of sunny "hours" in the apartment increased by about 50 minutes in 1 week. Yes, I followed this exactly as well, as I couldn't wait for the real spring, the growth phase, to come and expand my collection. BUT life intervened, I had to stay home. The love of houseplants, however, didn’t stop, I needed new options, so I started ordering online. I had both positive and negative experiences, but the bottom line was that there were some plants (not even rare plants) that I couldn’t find in online stores at home, even though I really wanted to get them. I went back and forth to a page to see if they might have already gotten it, but I had to be disappointed. This is how the idea of ​​opening a houseplant web store was born. I have edited this page with great love and devotion over the past few weeks, and I hope you enjoy it too. I look forward to all kinds of comments and wishes about the site and the selection! Today I grow 43 plants and there is no day not to be surprised by something new and they could even make the quarantine enjoyable! :-)